Commit 0208ed34 authored by David Deepwell's avatar David Deepwell
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Increase accuracy of dump time.

The accuracy of the time used in dump_time.txt (the dump time)
just before writing dump fields was increased from 12 significant
figures to 16. 12 was probably fine, but since a double is used
we might as well save all digits of accuracy.
parent 577a2a1d
......@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@ void BaseCase::check_and_dump(double clock_time, double real_start_time,
FILE * dump_file;
dump_file = fopen("dump_time.txt","w");
fprintf(dump_file,"The dump time was:\n%.12g\n", sim_time);
fprintf(dump_file,"The dump time was:\n%.16g\n", sim_time);
fprintf(dump_file,"The dump index was:\n%d\n", plot_number);
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