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    • Christopher Subich's avatar
      wave_reader: compute hill properly with z-decreasing · 4fba6227
      Christopher Subich authored
      Previously, wave_reader computed the hill height as a fixed
        zgrid(:,1,1) - MinZ // matlab notation
      which implicitly assumes that z increases along the third index.  If
      that assumption is violated, the BPE calculation breaks (in ways that
      can cause assertion failures based on roundoff error, at that).
      Fixing the calculation as min(zgrid(i,1,:)) at initialization time
      alleviates this problem.
    • Christopher Subich's avatar
      wave_reader: allow FULL input types · 471ccd94
      Christopher Subich authored
      Previously, wave_reader locked 'FULL' (3D) input behind enabling
      restart.  This restriction was unnecessary, and doing so in fact made
      the specification of u/v/w/rho filenames useless.
      Deleting this check allows proper read-in of FULL datatypes, without
      faking a restart.  The only functional difference is that if
      perturbations are also enabled, they will be applied on top of the 3D
      data read.  This seems to be desirable, since it makes the application
      of the config-file settings more straightforward.
  15. 04 May, 2020 1 commit
    • Christopher Subich's avatar
      Updates to solver parameters · 79b17389
      Christopher Subich authored
      Based on experience with a poorly-converging, steep hill case, the
      number of inner iterations in GMRES is increased to 40, and the number
      of outer iterations drops to 2.
      Please pay attention to GMRES warnings and report cases where things
      don't work well, there's probably an optimal parameter range (or else we
      could make the parameters a runtime config option).
  16. 10 Jun, 2019 1 commit
    • David Deepwell's avatar
      Fix topography error in wave_reader · 645e99d8
      David Deepwell authored
      The quadrature weights were found to be incorrect for mapped grids
      because they were adjusted using the topography which was not
      scaled properly. The topography needed to be adjusted to be relative
      of the 'minimum z-value'. This is in quation marks because it is
      not necessarily the absolute minimum, but rather the reference
      This shift also fixed the BPE calculation to have the same reference
      as the PE calculation.
  17. 16 Apr, 2019 1 commit