Commit 4f20f447 authored by Stefan Vercillo's avatar Stefan Vercillo
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parents 54751e98 d7035a4e
......@@ -137,6 +137,14 @@ ALTER TABLE studentAssessment ADD failed boolean;
UPDATE studentAssessment SET failed = true WHERE score < 40;
UPDATE studentAssessment SET failed = false WHERE score >= 40;
-- is_banked to bool
ALTER TABLE studentAssessment ADD is_banked_bool boolean;
UPDATE studentAssessment SET is_banked_bool = true WHERE is_banked = 1;
UPDATE studentAssessment SET is_banked_bool = false WHERE is_banked = 0;
ALTER TABLE studentAssessment DROP COLUMN is_banked;
ALTER TABLE studentAssessment RENAME COLUMN is_banked_bool TO is_banked;
-- ===== studentVle Changes ===== --
-- rename column for better readability
ALTER TABLE studentVle RENAME COLUMN sum_click TO interactions;
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