Verified Commit b7174282 authored by Amin Bandali's avatar Amin Bandali
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Instead of adding all Sigs then rulling them out, only add in joins

Instead of marking every Sig as a candidate initially, only mark those
as candidates that are actually involved in a “field-access” dot-join.

There might still be false positives, or perhaps some false negatives,
but this should weed out some more false positives.
parent 0772a738
......@@ -66,10 +66,10 @@ public class SSRVisitor extends VisitReturn {
// `var in sig', discard candidate
if (x.op == ExprBinary.Op.JOIN) {
if (x.left instanceof ExprUnary && x.right instanceof ExprUnary)
if (!isFieldAccess(x)) {
if (isFieldAccess(x)) {
PrimSig s = getFirstPrimSig(x.left);
if (!builtins.contains(s))
candidates.put(s, false);
candidates.put(s, true);
else {
......@@ -150,8 +150,16 @@ public class SSRVisitor extends VisitReturn {
candidates.put((PrimSig)subsub, false);
else if (s instanceof PrimSig)
System.out.println("no :( " + (PrimSig)s);
else if (s instanceof PrimSig) {
if (((PrimSig)s).getFieldDecls().size() > 1)
if (!builtins.contains((PrimSig)s))
candidates.put((PrimSig)s, false);
* else: mostly `ExprVar's with empty type which we don't
* care about at all, or `ExprBinary's, which I think we
* handle well enough in their own visit(ExprBinary) call.
for (Decl d : x.decls)
......@@ -205,8 +213,10 @@ public class SSRVisitor extends VisitReturn {
// add the sig as a candidate if we haven't seen it before
if (x instanceof PrimSig) {
PrimSig px = (PrimSig)x;
if (!builtins.contains(px) && !candidates.containsKey(px))
candidates.put(px, true);
if (px.isMeta != null)
candidates.put(px, false);
if (px.isAbstract != null)
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