Commit 06bee1c3 authored by Ruslan Zakirov's avatar Ruslan Zakirov
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fix reporting of dates changes

intention of the code is to store original value
in the results, but it was stored incorrectly, so we
end up with two records in results: first with success
and ISO date, second with value only that is treated
as failure.
parent 337a8c89
......@@ -284,7 +284,7 @@ sub GetCurrentUser {
_SetAttribute( $ticket_as_user, $attribute, $date->ISO,
\%results );
$results{ lc $attribute }->{value} = $cmds{ lc $attribute };
$results{ $attribute }->{value} = $cmds{ lc $attribute };
foreach my $type ( @WATCHER_ATTRIBUTES ) {
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