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......@@ -91,13 +91,13 @@ DESCRIPTION
Custom field values
Manage custom field values. Could be used multiple times.
CustomField.{C<CFName>}: <custom field value>
AddCustomField.{C<CFName>}: <custom field value>
DelCustomField.{C<CFName>}: <custom field value>
CustomField.{CFName}: <custom field value>
AddCustomField.{CFName}: <custom field value>
DelCustomField.{CFName}: <custom field value>
Short forms:
CF.{C<CFName>}: <custom field value>
AddCF.{C<CFName>}: <custom field value>
DelCF.{C<CFName>}: <custom field value>
CF.{CFName}: <custom field value>
AddCF.{CFName}: <custom field value>
DelCF.{CFName}: <custom field value>
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