Commit f955e5a6 authored by Thomas Sibley's avatar Thomas Sibley
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Releng for 0.34

parent 2b3e4a61
Revision history for RT-Extension-LDAPImport
Bug fix: Revert changes in 0.33_01 and _02; RT::Authen::ExternalAuth 0.13
is using RT::Record->Update now
Tests: Compatibility with Net::LDAP::Server::Test 0.16
Documentation for function added in 0.33_01
Bug fix: Avoid flip flopping fields back and forth with
RT::Authen::ExternalAuth by using our own update function instead of
package RT::Extension::LDAPImport;
our $VERSION = '0.33_02';
our $VERSION = '0.34';
use warnings;
use strict;
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