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Check in TODO notes about Create that were lingering locally

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......@@ -270,9 +270,33 @@ sub Config {
=head1 AUTHOR
=head1 TODO
Thomas Sibley <>
=over 4
=item Enforcement on Create
Configuration syntax is tricky and goes hand in hand with functionality here.
Do we allow separate field lists for on create, or re-use existing status
transition syntax? That is, does C<< * -> resolved >> mean "a newly created
resolved ticket" too?
Components affected:
index.html / QuickCreate
=item Enforcement on other update pages
SelfService - can't do it without patches to <form> POST + additional callbacks
Basics - need to patch callback for skipping (at least)
Jumbo - need to patch callback for skipping (at least)
Mobile - n/a; doesn't show CFs on reply/update
=head1 BUGS
......@@ -280,6 +304,10 @@ All bugs should be reported via
or L<>.
=head1 AUTHOR
Thomas Sibley <>
This software is Copyright (c) 2012 by Best Practical Solutions
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