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Refactor core field lists into lib for use in other components

parent bd147bde
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
$results => []
my ($core, $cfs) = RT::Extension::MandatoryOnTransition->RequiredFields(
......@@ -13,27 +13,15 @@ return unless @$core or @$cfs;
my @errors;
my @core_allowed = qw(TimeWorked TimeTaken Content);
my @core_ticket = qw(TimeWorked);
my %core_for_update = (
TimeWorked => 'UpdateTimeWorked',
TimeTaken => 'UpdateTimeWorked',
Content => 'UpdateContent',
# Check core fields, after canonicalization for update
for my $field (@$core) {
unless (grep { $_ eq $field } @core_allowed) {
RT->Logger->warning("Skipping unsupported core field '$field' during mandatory checks");
# Will we have a value on update?
my $arg = $core_for_update{$field} || $field;
my $arg = $RT::Extension::MandatoryOnTransition::CORE_FOR_UPDATE{$field} || $field;
next if defined $ARGSRef->{$arg} and length $ARGSRef->{$arg};
# Do we have a value currently?
next if grep { $_ eq $field } @core_ticket and $TicketObj->$field();
next if grep { $_ eq $field } @RT::Extension::MandatoryOnTransition::CORE_TICKET
and $TicketObj->$field();
(my $label = $field) =~ s/(?<=[a-z])(?=[A-Z])/ /g; # /
push @errors, loc("[_1] is required when changing Status to [_2]", $label, $ARGSRef->{Status});
......@@ -129,6 +129,10 @@ C<perldoc /opt/rt4/etc/>.
If you're just using this module on your own RT instance, you should stop
reading now. You don't need to know about the implementation details unless
you're writing a patch against this extension.
$RT::Config::META{'MandatoryOnTransition'} = {
......@@ -154,10 +158,47 @@ $RT::Config::META{'MandatoryOnTransition'} = {
=head2 RequiredFields
=head2 Package variables
=over 4
The core (basic) fields supported by the extension. Anything else configured
not in this list is stripped.
The core (basic) fields which should be called as methods on ticket objects to
check for current values.
A mapping which translates core fields into their form input names. For
example, Content is submitted as UpdateContent.
If you're looking to add support for other core fields, you'll need to push
into @CORE_SUPPORTED and possibly @CORE_TICKET. You may also need to add a
our @CORE_SUPPORTED = qw(Content TimeWorked TimeTaken);
our @CORE_TICKET = qw(TimeWorked);
TimeWorked => 'UpdateTimeWorked',
TimeTaken => 'UpdateTimeWorked',
Content => 'UpdateContent',
=head2 Methods
=head3 RequiredFields
Returns two array refs of required fields for the described status transition.
The first is core fields, the second is CF names. Returns nothing (C<return;>)
The first is core fields, the second is CF names. Returns empty array refs
on error or if nothing is required.
Takes a paramhash with the keys Ticket, Queue, From, and To. Ticket should be
......@@ -188,27 +229,29 @@ sub RequiredFields {
$args{From} ||= $args{Ticket}->Status;
my ($from, $to) = @args{qw(From To)};
return unless $from and $to;
return ([], []) unless $from and $to;
my %config = $self->Config($args{Queue});
return unless %config;
return ([], []) unless %config;
# No transition.
return if $from eq $to;
return ([], []) if $from eq $to;
my $required = $config{"$from -> $to"}
|| $config{"* -> $to"}
|| $config{"$from -> *"}
|| [];
my @core = grep { !/^CF\./i } @$required;
my %core_supported = map { $_ => 1 } @CORE_SUPPORTED;
my @core = grep { !/^CF\./i && $core_supported{$_} } @$required;
my @cfs = map { /^CF\.(.+)$/i; $1; }
grep { /^CF\./i } @$required;
return (\@core, \@cfs);
=head2 Config
=head3 Config
Takes a queue name. Returns a hashref for the given queue (possibly using the
fallback rules) which contains keys of transitions and values of arrayrefs of
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