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update docs about Starts date

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......@@ -67,14 +67,14 @@ In this example I<Incident> is the name of the queue, and I<2h> is the name of
the SLA which will be applied to this queue by default.
Each service level can be described using several options:
L<StartImmediately|/"StartImmediately (boolean, false)">,
L<Starts|/"Starts (interval, first business minute)">,
L<Resolve|/"Resolve and Response (interval, no defaults)">,
L<Response|/"Resolve and Response (interval, no defaults)">,
L<KeepInLoop|/"Keep in loop (interval, no defaults)">,
L<OutOfHours|/"OutOfHours (struct, no default)">
and L<ServiceBusinessHours|/"Configuring business hours">.
=head2 StartImmediately (boolean, false)
=head2 Starts (interval, first business minute)
By default when a ticket is created Starts date is set to
first business minute after time of creation. In other
......@@ -84,8 +84,21 @@ be beginning of the next business day.
However, if you provide 24/7 support then you most
probably would be interested in Starts to be always equal
to Created time. In this case you can set option
StartImmediately to a true value.
to Created time.
Starts option can be used to adjust behaviour. Format
of the option is the same as format for deadlines which
described later in details. RealMinutes, BusinessMinutes
options and OutOfHours modifiers can be used here like
for any other deadline. For example:
'standard' => {
# give people 15 minutes
Starts => { BusinessMinutes => 15 },
You can still use old option StartImmediately to set
Starts date equal to Created date.
......@@ -93,9 +106,12 @@ Example:
StartImmediately => 1,
Response => { RealMinutes => 30 },
'standard' => {
StartImmediately => 0, # can be ommited as it's default
Response => { BusinessMinutes => 2*60 },
But it's the same as:
'24/7' => {
Starts => { RealMinutes => 0 },
Response => { RealMinutes => 30 },
=head2 Resolve and Response (interval, no defaults)
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