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Explain in more detail the noted behaviour of IgnoreOnStatuses

I expanded the note since I had to ask the author to clarify for my
parent e9b63eb1
......@@ -278,9 +278,15 @@ Allows you to ignore a deadline when ticket has certain status. Example:
In above example KeepInLoop deadline is ignored if ticket is stalled.
B<NOTE> that if you just open ticket without a reply then Due date will be
calculated from old action and ticket will probably be overdue. In most
cases it shouldn't be a problem.
B<NOTE>: When a ticket goes from an ignored status to a normal status, the new
Due date is calculated from the last action (reply, SLA change, etc) which fits
the SLA type (Response, Starts, KeepInLoop, etc). This means if a ticket in
the above example flips from stalled to open without a reply, the ticket will
probably be overdue. In most cases this shouldn't be a problem since moving
out of stalled-like statuses is often the result of RT's auto-open on reply
scrip, therefore ensuring there's a new reply to calculate Due from. The
overall effect is that ignored statuses don't let the Due date drift
arbitrarily, which could wreak havoc on your SLA performance.
=head2 Configuring business hours
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