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    Verify that MIME::Entity bodies are bytes, and remove _utf8_off call · 17702cde
    Alex Vandiver authored
    Use the newly-added RT::Util::assert_bytes function to verify that the
    body is indeed bytes, and not characters.
    We also remove the _utf8_off call -- because, contrary to what the
    comment implies, the presence or absence of the "UTF8" flag does _not_
    determine if a string is "encoded as octets and not as characters"; it
    merely states that the string is capable of holding codepoints > 255.
    If it happens to not contain any, the _utf8_off does nothing.  If it
    does, it effectively encodes all codepoints > 127 in UTF-8.
    Given the premise that the string contains bytes in some (probably
    non-UTF-8) encoding, re-encoding some bytes of it as UTF-8 cannot
    possibly produce valid output.  The flaw in this situation cannot be
    fixed by a simple _utf8_off, but instead must be fixed by ensuring that
    the body always contains bytes, not wide characters -- as it now does,
    thanks to the prior commits.  The call to RT::Util::assert_bytes serves
    as an additional safeguard against backsliding on that assumption.