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    Merge commit · a6577c51
    Jesse Vincent authored
     r6200@not:  autrijus | 2004-07-22T00:37:31.494556Z
     * $Ticket->AddCustomFieldValue now takes FIELD as Name.
    r8271@tinbook (orig r1271):  autrijus | 2004-07-22T00:52:53.468442Z
     r6204@not:  autrijus | 2004-07-22T00:52:38.207887Z
     * Switch $Ticket->AddCustomFieldValue to use $cf->LoadByNameAndQueue for
       forward compatibility.
    r8272@tinbook (orig r1272):  jesse | 2004-07-22T01:04:55.279276Z
     r8267@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-07-22T01:01:02.633960Z
     Making license blocks fold away
    r8282@tinbook (orig r1276):  jesse | 2004-07-22T19:08:32.352834Z
     r8281@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-07-22T19:08:48.451578Z
     * The "/l" component now does all its work in the init block
    r8286@tinbook (orig r1277):  leira | 2004-07-23T02:30:36.111345Z
    If a template file is uploaded, clear out the old template first (as before).
    r8287@tinbook (orig r1278):  leira | 2004-07-23T02:32:27.864998Z
    Fill in the default queue if one was specified.
    r8288@tinbook (orig r1279):  leira | 2004-07-23T03:02:15.525380Z
    RT-Ticket: 5880
    RT-Status: resolved
    RT-Action: correspond
    NULL values can now be chosen, and the TicketSQL query is constructed properly.
    r8289@tinbook (orig r1280):  leira | 2004-07-23T03:04:27.962400Z
    No value is NULL, not null.
    r8290@tinbook (orig r1281):  autrijus | 2004-07-23T17:15:16.923948Z
    RT-Ticket: 5274 
    RT-Status: resolved
    RT-Update: correspond
    Apply Bart Duchesne's patch for correctly deleting old TCFV '0'
    when editing SingleValue TCFs.
    r8291@tinbook (orig r1282):  jesse | 2004-07-23T17:34:23.556934Z
     r8285@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-07-23T17:33:04.648260Z
     Using single quotes makes the email address in the copyright not get mangled
    r8293@tinbook (orig r1283):  jesse | 2004-07-23T21:23:10.580796Z
     r8292@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-07-23T21:23:16.884303Z
     RT now goes out of its way to display images, like the logo... even when users fail to configure their webserver correctly
    r8294@tinbook (orig r1284):  leira | 2004-07-23T21:43:20.116290Z
    Reset string properly when uploading a template file.
    r8304@tinbook (orig r1285):  robert | 2004-07-26T19:07:58.942428Z
     r1287@dog:  rspier | 2004-07-26T18:56:48.690023Z
     [ #5879] - DBIx::SearchBuilder should treat 'IS' as case insensitive, since most databases do too.
     r1288@dog:  rspier | 2004-07-26T19:00:50.217330Z
     	- if we're doing an IS NULL search already, there's no reason to do a $null_columns_ok
     	- use || instead of 'or' so we can short-circuit
     r1289@dog:  rspier | 2004-07-26T19:06:54.604573Z
     	- get rid of $null_columns_ok flag
     	- clean up logic, and use string compare instead of regexp
    r8305@tinbook (orig r1286):  robert | 2004-07-26T19:15:12.786172Z
     r1291@dog:  rspier | 2004-07-26T19:14:41.133769Z
     Revert the last microoptimization.  It smells funny and will create problems with merging to 3.3
    r8307@tinbook (orig r1288):  leira | 2004-07-28T04:04:12.240846Z
    Handle 0 values properly.
    r8308@tinbook (orig r1289):  huberth | 2004-07-28T18:35:38.638941Z
    RT-Ticket: 5908
    RT-Status: resolved
     * drop.Oracle now drops the attributes table.
    r8309@tinbook (orig r1290):  huberth | 2004-07-28T18:39:36.764074Z
    RT-Ticket: 5899
    RT-Status: resolved
     * html/Search/Results.tsv now works with custom fields that have line breaks
       within them.
    r8311@tinbook (orig r1292):  jesse | 2004-07-29T00:08:11.298269Z
     r8303@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-07-28T23:59:45.883318Z
     Removed the extra newlines we inserted after the copyright block, since it adds extra newlines to the mason pages, which can break some parsing.
    r8316@tinbook (orig r1293):  leira | 2004-07-29T05:41:51.040092Z
    Make the TitleBox title a link to the same search, only not limited to 10.
    r8319@tinbook (orig r1296):  alexmv | 2004-07-30T19:59:24.588580Z
     * Fix "Unrecognised line: foo@bar" caused by 5.8.0 not matching utf8
       against regexps
    r8320@tinbook (orig r1297):  huberth | 2004-07-30T21:46:43.639926Z
    RT-Ticket: 5699
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Bulk editing of custom fields (finally!) added.  Not quite as fast as
       would be preferred, probably, but it (should) work.
    r8329@tinbook (orig r1298):  huberth | 2004-08-03T14:02:14.558593Z
    RT-Ticket: 5927
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Due dates in the past no longer look like they're in the future,
       i.e. "6 days ago".
    r8333@tinbook (orig r1302):  huberth | 2004-08-03T22:06:00.556754Z
    RT-Ticket: 4473
    RT-Status: resolved
     * In Ticket/Elements/ShowAttachments, the font code that is generated
       no longer tries to escape the quotes (to give something like
       <font size=&#34;-1&#34;>).  Now the quotes appear.  Also, the default
       font size for the date and size has been changed to -2, because -1
       looks huge and out of place.
    r8338@tinbook (orig r1307):  alexmv | 2004-08-04T14:33:55.363891Z
    RT-Ticket: 5916
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Postgres doesn't use '#' as a comment character
    r8339@tinbook (orig r1308):  alexmv | 2004-08-04T15:54:14.363856Z
    RT-Ticket: 4036
    RT-Status: resolved
     * 'Create' is uppercase
     * TemplateObj->QueueObj is null if the template is just being created
    r8340@tinbook (orig r1309):  alexmv | 2004-08-04T17:42:42.591907Z
     * Warn if running MySQL < 4.0.x
     * Suggest something slightly more useful if we don't have InnoDB and
       we're running MySQL 3.23
    r8341@tinbook (orig r1310):  alexmv | 2004-08-04T19:03:51.226982Z
    RT-Ticket: 5942
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Use a:after {content: "..."} to put dots after titlebox links; this
       involves one loc string change
     * Also force titlebox hrefs to be white, not black
    r8342@tinbook (orig r1311):  huberth | 2004-08-05T00:44:40.527084Z
    RT-Ticket: 4234
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Doubled headers and navbars no longer appear when an unprivileged user
       creates a Custom Field.  (This happened because Abort was called within
       a subcomponent.)
    r8343@tinbook (orig r1312):  alexmv | 2004-08-05T00:50:16.625070Z
     * Removing accidental paste
    r8344@tinbook (orig r1313):  huberth | 2004-08-05T18:47:43.340906Z
     * Fixed a couple of other stupid errors resulting from r1311 relating to
       quoting of pathnames.
    r8383@tinbook (orig r1326):  alexmv | 2004-08-10T19:38:59.860454Z
     * Add callback in header proper, to allow injection of style and script tags
    r8394@tinbook (orig r1335):  leira | 2004-08-17T16:03:08.253892Z
    Added a new callback at the very beginning of the <%INIT> block.
    RTIR uses this callback to look at the queue and hijack the display
    page, however, the callback itself is more generic than that: it
    happens at the very beginning, and receives all arguments.
    r8396@tinbook (orig r1337):  alexmv | 2004-08-17T19:03:04.023840Z
    RT-Ticket: 5820
    RT-Update: correspond
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Use "local $_" to prevent "modification of read-only value..."
       caused by aliasing $_ to a constant
    r8397@tinbook (orig r1338):  alexmv | 2004-08-17T21:05:10.004165Z
    RT-Ticket: 5716
    RT-Update: correspond
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Move code which is not specific to parsing mime messages into
       RT::Email::Interface; this removes a large base of duplicated code,
       and some sketchy "methods" that were getting called with "" as self
    r8398@tinbook (orig r1339):  alexmv | 2004-08-17T22:16:11.573879Z
    RT-Ticket: 5963
    RT-Update: correspond
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Applied patch provided by bobg at the domain of to exit if
       there is no content on standard input
    r8399@tinbook (orig r1340):  alexmv | 2004-08-17T22:18:15.933790Z
    RT-Ticket: 5939
    RT-Status: resolved
    RT-Update: correspond
     * Take out un-needed $fontsize variable; removing <font> tags will
       have to wait
    r8400@tinbook (orig r1341):  alexmv | 2004-08-17T23:57:59.583821Z
    RT-Ticket: 5897
    RT-Update: correspond
    RT-Status: resolved
     * ModifyTicket includes CommentOnTicket and ReplyToTicket rights;
       this effects display of "[Reply] [Comment]" links per transaction
    r8401@tinbook (orig r1342):  alexmv | 2004-08-18T00:05:11.483081Z
    RT-Ticket: 5823
    RT-Update: correspond
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Applied patch from bobg at the domain of, prefixing refresh
       form's url with $RT::WebPath
    r8402@tinbook (orig r1343):  huberth | 2004-08-18T02:23:42.094984Z
     * Made bulk editing of custom fields slightly more efficient and 
       simultaneously cleaned up some of its code.
     * Also added a little bit of docs for RT::Ticket::Create() - Priority
       is a valid arg also.
    r8403@tinbook (orig r1344):  alexmv | 2004-08-18T02:27:04.024544Z
    RT-Ticket: 5988
    RT-Update: correspond
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Back out change r1338, as it breaks API compatibility in a stable
    r8416@tinbook (orig r1347):  alexmv | 2004-08-18T19:31:10.580958Z
    RT-Ticket: 5826
    RT-Update: correspond
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Fix logic; bounce message as a loop if $IsALoop and not $RT::StoreLoops;
       was "if $IsALoop and ($RT::LoopsToOwner and not $RT::StoreLoops)"
    r8417@tinbook (orig r1348):  alexmv | 2004-08-18T20:22:42.711734Z
    RT-Ticket: 5215
    RT-Update: correspond
    RT-Status: resolved
     * When merging tickets, the resulting ticket's
       Time{Estimated,Worked,Left} should be the sum of the fields from
       both tickets
    r8418@tinbook (orig r1349):  alexmv | 2004-08-18T20:38:09.170879Z
    RT-Ticket: 5963
    RT-Update: correspond
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Some mailers care about the return value rt-mailgate; 'return 0'
       instead of 'die' to ensure that we fake success
    r8420@tinbook (orig r1351):  alexmv | 2004-08-18T21:53:17.081053Z
    RT-Ticket: 5792
    RT-Update: correspond
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Move the lasttrans anchor into a table cell
    r8421@tinbook (orig r1352):  alexmv | 2004-08-18T22:04:57.879119Z
    RT-Ticket: 5809
    RT-Status: resolved
     * Derivative of the doc. patch in [ #5809] applied
    r8456@tinbook (orig r1372):  jesse | 2004-08-28T23:47:32.411217Z
     r8454@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-08-28T23:42:12.276700Z
     r8455@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-08-28T23:46:06.962020Z
     Adding a "SearchActions" callback to Search/Results.html
    r8473@tinbook (orig r1376):  jesse | 2004-08-31T04:22:49.340942Z
     r8457@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-08-29T01:52:08.449173Z
     Refactored the TicketList compnent to be more reusable
     r8458@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-08-29T02:41:50.808026Z
     Adding a callback for a customer
     r8471@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-08-31T04:20:29.035587Z
     Fixed the callback in Results.html to not flake out when we've got interesting %ARGS coming into it.
     r8472@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-08-31T04:21:47.346418Z
     Added "DependedOnBy" to TicketSQL  to mean what it means elsewhere.
     Made TicketSQL let you search by ticket type
    r8479@tinbook (orig r1379):  jesse | 2004-08-31T08:14:54.830848Z
     r8478@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-08-31T08:14:29.467020Z
     Inlined Tickets_Overlay_SQL's "match"
    r8482@tinbook (orig r1380):  jesse | 2004-08-31T18:49:23.384189Z
     r8480@tinbook:  jesse | 2004-08-31T18:48:19.505579Z
     Added callbacks to let users add entries to show and edit basics boxes
     Made "type" an editable field on tickets (at the web api level, not in the UI)
    git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// e417ac7c-1bcc-0310-8ffa-8f5827389a85