Commit 6da01d4d authored by Jim Brandt's avatar Jim Brandt
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Merge branch '4.2/link-docs-from-readme' into 4.2-trunk

parents e6113406 f26bbcd6
......@@ -148,14 +148,17 @@ for my $file (<README* UPGRADING*>) {
open my $source, "<", $file
or warn "Can't open $file: $!", next;
open my $html, ">", $dest
or warn "Can't open $dest: $!", next;
my $str = "";
$str .= encode_entities($_) while <$source>;
close $source;
print $html "<pre>";
print $html encode_entities($_) while <$source>;
print $html "</pre>";
$str = "<pre>$str</pre>";
$str =~ s{\bdocs/([a-z_-]+)\.pod\b}{<a href="$1.html">docs/$1.pod</a>}g;
close $source; close $html;
open my $html, ">", $dest
or warn "Can't open $dest: $!", next;
print $html $str;
close $html;
$converter->note_for_contents_file([$name], $file, $dest);
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