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correct RT::Date->Timezone documentation

  - There is no special handling for a "utc" context.

  - There is no default value for $context.

  - "UTC" may be still returned in cases where one of the server's and
    user's timezones is set.
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......@@ -1098,26 +1098,24 @@ sub Timelocal {
=head3 Timezone $context
Returns the timezone name.
Takes one argument, C<$context> argument which could be C<user>, C<server> or C<utc>.
Returns the timezone name for the specified context. C<$context>
should be one of these values:
=item user
Default value is C<user> that mean it returns current user's Timezone value.
=item C<user>
=item server
The current user's Timezone value will be returned.
If context is C<server> it returns value of the C<Timezone> RT config option.
=item C<server>
=item utc
If both server's and user's timezone names are undefined returns 'UTC'.
The value of the C<Timezone> RT config option will be returned.
For any other value of C<$context>, or if the specified context has no
defined timezone, C<UTC> is returned.
sub Timezone {
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