Commit cb162847 authored by Jim Brandt's avatar Jim Brandt
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Merge branch '4.2/validator-owner' into 4.2-trunk

parents aa24384d 20b6e975
......@@ -615,6 +615,19 @@ push @CHECKS, 'Tickets -> other' => sub {
$res *= check_integrity(
'Tickets', 'Owner' => 'Users', 'id',
action => sub {
my ($id, %prop) = @_;
return unless my $replace_with = prompt_integer(
"Column Owner should point to a user, but there is record #$id in Tickets\n"
."where it's not true. It's ok to replace these wrong references with id of any user.\n"
."Note that id you enter is not checked. You can pick any user from your DB, but it's\n"
."may be better to create a special user for this, for example 'user_that_has_been_deleted'\n"
."or something like that.",
"Tickets.Owner -> user #$prop{Owner}"
update_records( 'Tickets', { id => $id, Owner => $prop{Owner} }, { Owner => $replace_with } );
# XXX: check that owner is only member of owner role group
return $res;
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