Commit eb37bdfc authored by Jim Brandt's avatar Jim Brandt
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Rename template object variable

The fix in b6efaa8e removed caching and loaded a template
object, but the variable name $template used for the object
overwrote the initial $template variable which had the
template id/name. Rename to $template_obj.
parent cb162847
......@@ -259,11 +259,11 @@ sub get_template {
unless ( $template =~ /\D/ ) {
# by id
my $template = RT::Template->new( RT->SystemUser );
$template->Load( $template );
my $template_obj = RT::Template->new( RT->SystemUser );
$template_obj->Load( $template );
die "Failed to load template '$template'"
unless $template->id;
return $template;
unless $template_obj->id;
return $template_obj;
my $queue = $ticket->Queue;
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