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      Avoid sleeping for 15s if the server is already ready · 6d51aa72
      Alex Vandiver authored
      It is possible for the server to have sent us the ready signal before
      the parent hits the sleep(); in this case, the parent would wait,
      uninterrupted by SIGUSR1, for 15s, despite the server being ready.
      Hence, only sleep if we have not already received the signal.  There
      is still a minute race condition between the "unless" check and the
      "sleep," but this reduces the window considerably, and the side
      effects to the race condition are merely a slower test.
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      Prevent hangs during testing by removing a signals race condition · 6f7b0e46
      Alex Vandiver authored
      Under high load, such as heavily concurrent testing, there is no
      guarantee that the parent process of the fork will have time to set up
      the signal handler before the shild finishes initialization.  Thus,
      receiving a USR1 signal causes it to die, leaving a zombie child
      process and the test wedged.
      Set up the signal handler before we fork, which guarantees that the
      child will not be able to force this race condition.  It leaves forked
      server processes with a USR1 signal handler, but there is little harm
      to this.
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