1. 03 Sep, 2014 1 commit
    • Alex Vandiver's avatar
      Standardize on the stricter Encode::encode("UTF-8", ...) everywhere · 1d18663b
      Alex Vandiver authored
      This is not only for code consistency, but also for consistency of
      output.  Encode::encode_utf8(...) is equivalent to
      Encode::encode("utf8",...) which is the non-"strict" form of UTF-8.
      Strict UTF-8 encoding differs in that (from `perldoc Encode`):
          ...its range is much narrower (0 ..  0x10_FFFF to cover only 21 bits
          instead of 32 or 64 bits) and some sequences are not allowed, like
          those used in surrogate pairs, the 31 non-character code points
          0xFDD0 .. 0xFDEF, the last two code points in any plane (0xXX_FFFE
          and 0xXX_FFFF), all non-shortest encodings, etc.
      RT deals with interchange with databases, email, and other systems.  In
      dealing with encodings, it should ensure that it does not produce byte
      sequences that are invalid according to official Unicode standards.
  2. 18 Apr, 2013 1 commit
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      Change _CurrentUserHasRightToSetOwner to public CurrentUserCanSetOwner · ace3dda2
      Jim Brandt authored
      Make public and rename to CurrentUserCanSetOwner to make it
      consistent with other CurrentUserCan method names.
      Meld _IsProposedOwnerChangeValid into CurrentUserCanSetOwner to
      handle all of the logic in one place and provide a single
      response from CurrentUserCanSetOwner. This simplifies SetOwner
      and makes CurrentUserCanSetOwner suitable for calling to test
      for owner change permissions in the context of the current
  3. 02 Apr, 2013 1 commit
    • Thomas Sibley's avatar
      Consistent transactions for all role group membership changes · f2f00cf1
      Thomas Sibley authored
      A new transaction type, SetWatcher, is now created by single member role
      groups when the assigned member changes.  SetWatcher is more useful than
      a pair of Add/DelWatcher transactions since the old and new members are
      on the same transaction object.  Such role groups which are also
      denormalized into a column still record a Set <Column> transaction on
      the record (i.e. tickets record a SetWatcher Owner and Set Owner
      transaction for each Owner change).  While redundant on the surface, the
      SetWatcher and Set transactions are distinct because they mark,
      respectively, the group membership change and the record column change.
      Add/DelWatcher is still used for all other role groups but is more
      consistently set from deeper in the API: RT::Group->_Add/DeleteMember
      creates the transactions instead of Add/DeleteRoleMember in the Roles
      role.  Aside from greater consistency no matter which API method is
      called, the move keeps all transaction creation alongside that of
      SetWatcher and Set which must be in RT::Group.
      Display of SetWatcher transactions is supported by core RT but not
      currently used.  Without backdating new transactions to fill in existing
      ticket history, it's impossible to solely use SetWatcher for ticket
      owner history display.  Instead, displaying SetWatcher is skipped when
      it applies to the Owner role on a ticket.  All other objects and roles,
      such as those provided by extensions, will display SetWatcher
  4. 14 Jan, 2013 1 commit
    • Alex Vandiver's avatar
      Remove hard tab characters wherever possible · 785dc2e3
      Alex Vandiver authored
      For historical reasons, many parts of the RT code intermix hard tabs and
      siace-based indentation.  This commit does not attempt to standardize
      indentation, merely the horrid intermixing of hard tabs and spaces.
      A few hard tabs remain in t/mail/mime_encoding.t and t/mail/outlook.t,
      as the tabs are within strings representing test data; they also remain
      in third-party source.
      Best viewed with the -w option to `git diff`.
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  10. 18 Jul, 2012 2 commits
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      delete exit; call from test file · 9365ae59
      Ruslan Zakirov authored
      Put it there for faster testing and forgot to delete
    • Ruslan Zakirov's avatar
      don't skip conversion from utf8 to utf8 · f04f561f
      Ruslan Zakirov authored
      An email may say that it's UTF-8, but it
      can contain anything else. We were trusting mail,
      but there are too many MUAs, MDAs MTAs that do
      things wrong.
      If we don't do this conversion then at least on Pg RT fails
      to create tickets with error 'invalid byte sequence for encoding
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