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      Allow @Groupings to be passed in · b1ba2c3d
      Kevin Falcone authored
      The display template (ShowCustomFieldCustomGroupings) takes Groupings as
      an argument, for symmetry, also take it during editing.
      This allows code to better control which groups are shown
      on Create or other editing pages (in particular, RTIR and the multitude
      of complex editing/creating pages in that workflow).
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      RT::CustomField provides a wrapper to get the 'type', use it · 4abd0fa2
      Kevin Falcone authored
      Hardcoding ref here meant that if anything extends
      RT::CustomField->_GroupingClass, it'll fail to find the groupings and
      dump all your CFs into the Custom Fields group.  By calling back in to
      GroupingClass, you get the 'magic' type and can look it up in the
      NewItem provides an empty CustomField with ContextObject set which
      overriders of _GroupingClass can use for more context when
      LimitoToGrouping is called on an empty object (during object creation)
      RTIR uses this to provide an RTIR::Ticket grouping type so you can
      separate CF groupings on RTIR tickets from those on core tickets.
      Provided to allow better separation of groupings between RTIR CFs and
      CFs on other Queues, especially since RTIR uses common names such as
      'Customer' and 'IP' which would otherwise complicate using those CFs in
      groups in other Queues. Perhaps points towards wanting per-queue CF
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