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Document the fixes and behavior changes in add_constituency

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......@@ -188,3 +188,23 @@ not practical to script updates and they will need to be done
through the UI.
=head2 add_constituency fixes
If you previously used the C<etc/add_constituency> script to set up a
Constituency, it did not set your Custom Field rights properly. The
version included in 3.0.2 can safely be re-run as
etc/add_constituency --name Name
It will apply the missing rights on custom fields.
As part of this fix, there has been a behavior change. Constituency Duty
Teams are now given rights on all Custom Fields applied to RTIR queues
(modify or read only depending on the type of duty team).
Previously they were only granted rights on the default RTIR Custom Fields.
Rights are managed at the Custom Field level by this script, so it's
straightforward to remove rights after constituency creation.
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