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  5. 28 Jan, 2014 3 commits
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      Provide a parallel-test target · 9b49c1b6
      Kevin Falcone authored
      This clones RT's incant (minus the configuration for the hardcoded 5).
      I admit that this is largely so my shell aliases that work on RT also
      work on RTIR so that I can run the test suite quickly.
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      Start returning early if we're acting on a non-RTIR ticket. · ca41f89a
      Kevin Falcone authored
      Otherwise, example.com or email addresses anywhere in the history of a
      ticket in the General queue ends up with links off to
      /RTIR/Tools/Lookup.html.  Normal users have no idea why those links are
      there and they're frankly ugly and cluttering outside the RTIR workflow.
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      Refactor to store the ticket type · ec305bba
      Kevin Falcone authored
      A ticket in the Incidents queue is of type Incident, so there is that
      small change in the incident if.  TicketType can also return undef so we have to
      We use the ticket type to skip doing other replacements.
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  10. 22 Nov, 2013 4 commits
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      There's no need to sort the subselect · 63045f16
      Kevin Falcone authored
      All this does is force mysql to sort (possibly filesort) and we really
      don't care about the order when we're going to use it to feed an update
      or delete.
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      Improve our Dependent Subclause · 3d212688
      Kevin Falcone authored
      When MySQL optimizes our UPDATE where id in (SELECT) it doesn't know
      that the tables are linked, so it ends up walking and examining lots and
      lots of rows.  Including the ObjectType column means that mysql can
      easily examine 1 row using our existing ObjectCustomFieldValues2 index
      and update immediately.
      There is no longer a need to add upgrade specific indexes for OCFVs (the
      transaction indexes still improve performance).
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      typo · f6dcd4cb
      Kevin Falcone authored
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      Use $Ticket->SubjectTag rather than reimplementing it · 326ba231
      Kevin Falcone authored
      RT::Ticket->SubjectTag was implemented about 2 weeks after RTIR was
      udpated to use SubjectTags.  Unfortunately, RTIR wasn't fixed to use it
      until now.
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  16. 23 Jul, 2013 4 commits
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      Now that 4.0.14 is real, require it. · 7e621539
      Kevin Falcone authored
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      Bump version for 3.0.0rc3 · 5b033a35
      Kevin Falcone authored
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      Restore removed simple search by id. · 2a38e0f3
      Kevin Falcone authored
      When 7131a78b changed RTIR over to the new Googleish search API, it lost
      an important feature.  You could no longer type 7 into the RTIR Simple
      Search and jump to 7.  You would be forced into a search for an Incident
      with the id of 7, and presented with a results list of 1 (if this was an
      incident).  If you were trying to jump to anything but an Incident, you
      got an empty search result.
      This updates the tests that were written for new features with tests
      that ensure this feature works.
      Copied core's convention of accepting #1 and 1 so that copy/paste from
      email subjects is less confusing.
      The confusing Incident search behavior of a list of 1 item also revealed
      that RTIR's Search Results do not support core's
      $SearchResultsAutoRedirect configuration option.
  17. 22 Jul, 2013 2 commits
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      Better explain the actual behavior of this option. · 6e91c4ed
      Kevin Falcone authored
      When introduced in 591dfd01, this option limited the
      Transactions/Attachments we were going to FTS on, which makes sense.
      For performance reasons, it was removed from the Custom Field searches
      prior to 2.4.4 in 88077233.  However, that commit didn't fix the docs,
      and it didn't consider that Lookups now act weirdly based on what you're
      searching for.
      In [rtir #14427] I lay out the history and possible fixes.  For 3.0.0,
      documentation is the best solution.
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      Reduce our extra Query Args when pulling from the session. · cd3cfa86
      Kevin Falcone authored
      As discovered by sunnavy when he went spelunking to determine why
      t/walk-web.t started running so many extra tests (7a630ac1), we were
      stuffing a bunch of extra query params into the query string,
      depending on whether we did that from the hash or passed args (things
      like Object and Description).
      I rewrote his patch a bit to use the same Field list as search_arguments
      We lose saved search state badly in RTIR, but it's not a regression
      caused by this code, see [rtir #25241]