1. 23 Jul, 2013 4 commits
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      Now that 4.0.14 is real, require it. · 7e621539
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      Bump version for 3.0.0rc3 · 5b033a35
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      Restore removed simple search by id. · 2a38e0f3
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      When 7131a78b changed RTIR over to the new Googleish search API, it lost
      an important feature.  You could no longer type 7 into the RTIR Simple
      Search and jump to 7.  You would be forced into a search for an Incident
      with the id of 7, and presented with a results list of 1 (if this was an
      incident).  If you were trying to jump to anything but an Incident, you
      got an empty search result.
      This updates the tests that were written for new features with tests
      that ensure this feature works.
      Copied core's convention of accepting #1 and 1 so that copy/paste from
      email subjects is less confusing.
      The confusing Incident search behavior of a list of 1 item also revealed
      that RTIR's Search Results do not support core's
      $SearchResultsAutoRedirect configuration option.
  2. 22 Jul, 2013 3 commits
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      Better explain the actual behavior of this option. · 6e91c4ed
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      When introduced in 591dfd01, this option limited the
      Transactions/Attachments we were going to FTS on, which makes sense.
      For performance reasons, it was removed from the Custom Field searches
      prior to 2.4.4 in 88077233.  However, that commit didn't fix the docs,
      and it didn't consider that Lookups now act weirdly based on what you're
      searching for.
      In [rtir #14427] I lay out the history and possible fixes.  For 3.0.0,
      documentation is the best solution.
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      Reduce our extra Query Args when pulling from the session. · cd3cfa86
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      As discovered by sunnavy when he went spelunking to determine why
      t/walk-web.t started running so many extra tests (7a630ac1), we were
      stuffing a bunch of extra query params into the query string,
      depending on whether we did that from the hash or passed args (things
      like Object and Description).
      I rewrote his patch a bit to use the same Field list as search_arguments
      We lose saved search state badly in RTIR, but it's not a regression
      caused by this code, see [rtir #25241]
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  3. 19 Jul, 2013 1 commit
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  6. 11 Jul, 2013 8 commits
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      No longer allow Editing of the Children search · 9d08fe72
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      Because we use ShowChildren, it's relatively difficult to pass along the
      relevant search parameters like we've been doing for all the other Edit
      Search updates.
      Because Children/index.html doesn't pass along updates from Refine.html
      back into the search, I'm not sure how this code was ever supposed to
      update the Query being run by ShowChildren.  Changing this became
      invasive quickly, and this is a new feature since 2.6 so we'll remove it
      rather than introduce even buggier code.
      Unlike other lists fixed on this branch, this UI *does* allow filtering
      by status, so while you can't build more complicated filters, you can at
      least do that.
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      Properly set QueryBuilder arguments for Linking searches · 5be32c76
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      This allows editing of a search when choosing which Incidents to link to
      (or from).  Without this, you never got the correct search setup and it
      never passed back properly when running the updated search.
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      Pass through all the arguments on Incident Reply · 450d7341
      Kevin Falcone authored
      Without this, you'll lose any checkbox state when you edit the search.
      It also ensure that knowing *which* types of children to search for are
      passed back through.
      Right now, nothing else uses the ExtraQueryParams argument, but we may
      find another Refine UI which needs it.
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      Grab and pass along the id of the Ticket we're working from. · cc7b83a1
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      None of the Refine Page Menus contain the ticket id after any action on
      the Query Builder page.
      From an Incident, visiting Merge -> Edit Search -> Add these terms ->
      Merge fails because of this.
      Any attempt to click on Add these terms and Search from a refine page
      takes you to an error page about being unable to load the ticket the
      re-calculation of $ResultPage cannot work without access to the original
      id that was in the query args when we started.
      The other solution to this involves swapping ARGS so taht ResultPage is
      taken from the submission, but that doesn't fix the Page Menus.
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      Stop using Mason Notes and just pass Arguments. · b69e4cd7
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      This makes RTIR more like core, which passes %TabArgs in a few places.
      This reveals a number of misconceptions in the Refine code.  It was
      relying on the ShowResults code to clobber $session{'tickets'}, which is
      a bug that was fixed in 8d3cc5fa.
      This reliance on being able to grovel in your session meant that
      whatever search you ran last would show up when you clicked on Edit
      Search on a Merge (or other) Refine page.  So, if you were Merging
      something and went to visit your homepage, or looked at any other
      Incident, you'd see some completely irrelevant search.
      Instead, we're now *explicit* about the passed information.
      We still have to separate the Query and BaseQuery because RTIR's search
      is built around that distinction, but from now on, clicking Edit Search
      will edit the search that was run to generate the Merge page.  This
      includes passing the correct Format.
      This change, plus the previous change to make Add these terms and Search
      work means that you can now visit an Incident page, click Merge, click
      Edit search, search for a resolved Incident as well as one that's open,
      click back to see results and then merge into a resolved incident.
      We could no longer rely simply on $m->notes in one place because you
      must change the Tabs from each of the Entry pages (/Merge/index.html)
      and not *just* on Refine.html, which is much too late.  There will be
      several follow on commits to resolve the other places that relied on
      this erroneous code.
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      Pass a requested argument to Refine.html · eeb36ab5
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      In 0d7b8d5a Refine.html was created expecting a Queue argument, but it
      was never passed in from Tabs.
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      Give the Search form an id so that core CSS applies. · 7f902869
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      Without this, the Add these terms (and search) buttons will float behind
      the Saved Search box on pages without long Add Criteria sections.
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      Remove 'New Search' on subsearch pages · a7f6f10a
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      Places such as the Merge list or Link list or other places where you
      search for a list of Incidents or Reports while performing an action
      have an Edit Search as well as New Search link.  Unfortunately, New
      Search takes you to a blank search without any Queues and doesn't
      provide a way to select Queues (this is because of an explicit choice in
      the PickBasics callbacks).  It's unclear what the behavior should be.
      Should it force you to the 'sane' set of Queues?  If so, that's actually
      a sizable feature to implement, and as this is a new feature in
      2.9-trunk and doesn't currently work, I'm removing it until it can be
      implemented properly.
      This caused t/walk-web.t to run less tests (because less tabs) so adjust
      the count there.
  7. 08 Jul, 2013 3 commits