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    Make timing code compile-time optional (TIMINGS=true) · d68f6d2b
    Christopher Subich authored
    This changeset adds a compile-time option on whether to include the
    timing code.  If SPINS is compiled without TIMINGS=true, the timing code
    is #defined to a no-op and should not otherwise affect the performance
    of the software; timing_stack_report will instead print a short error
    Because this affects #defines in header files, changing from
    TIMINGS=true to false (or vice versa) should only be done with a 'make
    clean'.  Not doing so could leave the timing code in an inconsistent
    state and result in either link-time errors (if older code calls timing
    code that is #defined away) or a corrupted/growing timing stack (if for
    example a timing_push() is compiled in but the corresponding
    timing_pop() is removed.)