Commit 1df50bf9 authored by David Deepwell's avatar David Deepwell
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Add all blitz indices in declaration of rank 3 matrix

Creating a rank 3 matrix requires all three indices in the declaration
statement. This is only necessary when debugging, but should be explicit
wherever possible. Otherwise, too much time will be spent trying to
remember this fact when it matters.
parent 2588b6e5
......@@ -165,7 +165,7 @@ class userControl : public BaseCase {
} else {
// Density configuration
rho = delta_rho*0.5*(1.0-tanh((xx(ii)-Lmix)/delta_x));
rho = delta_rho*0.5*(1.0-tanh((xx(ii)-Lmix)/delta_x)) + 0*jj + 0*kk;
// Write the array
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