Commit 2ccff63f authored by David Deepwell's avatar David Deepwell
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Fix error in enstrophy density calculation

The order of the input arguments for compute_vort_x,y,z was changed
some time over the last year, but this was not accounted for in
the calculation for enstrophy density.
parent e6b803fd
......@@ -239,11 +239,11 @@ void enstrophy_density(TArrayn::DTArray & enst, TArrayn::DTArray & u, TArrayn::D
static DTArray *temp = alloc_array(Nx,Ny,Nz);
// square vorticity components
compute_vort_x(v, w, *temp, gradient_op, grid_type);
compute_vort_x(*temp, v, w, gradient_op, grid_type);
enst = pow(*temp,2);
compute_vort_y(u, w, *temp, gradient_op, grid_type);
compute_vort_y(*temp, u, w, gradient_op, grid_type);
enst += pow(*temp,2);
compute_vort_z(u, v, *temp, gradient_op, grid_type);
compute_vort_z(*temp, u, v, gradient_op, grid_type);
enst += pow(*temp,2);
enst = 0.5*enst;
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