Commit c10e1daa authored by root's avatar root Committed by Hiren Patel
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cite_details is more useful for publications

parent 830bc07a
...@@ -80,16 +80,17 @@ module Jekyll ...@@ -80,16 +80,17 @@ module Jekyll
config['details_dir'] config['details_dir']
end end
def cite(key) def cite_details(key)
entry = bibliography[key] entry = bibliography[key]
if bibliography.key?(key) if bibliography.key?(key)
citation = CiteProc.process entry.to_citeproc, :style => config['style'], link_to "More details.", details_link_for(entry)
:locale => config['locale'], :format => 'html', :mode => :citation #citation = CiteProc.process entry.to_citeproc, :style => config['style'],
#:locale => config['locale'], :format => 'html', :mode => :citation
link_to "##{entry.key}", citation.join #link_to "##{entry.key}", citation.join
else #else
"(missing reference)" #"(missing reference)"
end end
end end
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