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7c23100f by rmrf

CI: Test ci-integration

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stage: ruby-version
script: ruby -v ; echo $HOME; uname -a
script: echo $HOME;
- ruby-version
......@@ -15,12 +15,12 @@ setup-gems:
stage: setup-extras
script: git clone; cd jekyll-scholar-extras;
script: cd ~; git clone; cd jekyll-scholar-extras;
stage: make-extras
script: gem build jekyll-scholar-extras.gemspec ; gem install jekyll-scholar-extras-0.1.3.gem
script: gem build jekyll-scholar-extras.gemspec ; gem install jekyll-scholar-extras-0.1.3.gem; cp -r samples/jekyll-template ~/; cd ~;
stage: test-extras
script: cd ~; cp -r jekyll-scholar-extras/samples/jekyll-template $HOME; cd jekyll-template; jekyll build --trace
script: cd ~; cd jekyll-template; jekyll build --trace