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......@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ The example above would print a bibliography of all entires published in
the year 2013. Of course you can also combine the file and filter parameters
like this:
{% bibliography secondary filter: @*[year=2013] %}
{% bibliography secondary filter: @*[year=2013] %}
This would print the publications from 2013 of the bibliography at
......@@ -279,9 +279,11 @@ configuration option. For example:
query: "@article[year>=2003]" #=> includes only articles published 2003 or later
query: "@*[url]" #=> includes all entries with a url field
query: "@*[status!=review]" #=> includes all entries whose status field is not set to 'review'
query: "@book[year <= 1900 && author ^= Poe]" #=> Books published before 1900 where the author matches /Poe/
Please note that some of these queries require bibtex-ruby 2.0.7 or
later versions.
later versions. You can also overwrite the configuration's query parameter
in each bibliography tag individually as described above.
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