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Added brief documentation new file repo behavior. (#181)

* Added brief documentation new file repo behavior.

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Changed documentation to reflect multiple dots in file extension.
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......@@ -433,6 +433,14 @@ to link to supporting material in a ZIP archive:
{{ reference }} [<a href="{{}}">Supporting Materials</a>]
Jekyll-Scholar matches files which begin with a BibTeX key and are immediately
followed by a delimiter (default: "."). All text proceeding the delimiter is
treated as the file extension. For example, if two files named `key.pdf` and
`key.slides.pdf` are found, `{{links.pdf}}` and `{{links['slides.pdf']}}` will
both be populated. You can use the configuration option
`repository_file_delimiter` to change the default delimiter.
### Detail Pages
If your layouts directory contains a layout file for bibliography details
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