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......@@ -260,13 +260,13 @@ You can cite multiple items in a single citation by referencing all ids
of the items you wish to quote separated by spaces. For example,
`{% cite ruby microscope %}` would produce a cite tag like:
<a href="#ruby">(Flanagan, D. &amp; Matsumoto, Y. 2008; Shaughnessy, P. 2013)</a>
<a href="#ruby">(Flanagan &amp; Matsumoto 2008; Shaughnessy 2013)</a>
#### Page numbers and locators
If you would like to add page numbers to your citation, you can use the
`-l` or `--locator` option. For example, `{% cite ruby -l 23-5 %}` would
produce a citation like `(Matsumoto, Y., 2008, pp. 23-5)`.
produce a citation like `(Matsumoto, 2008, pp. 23-5)`.
When quoting multiple items (see above) you can add multiple locators after
the list of ids. For example, `{% cite ruby microscope -l 2 -l 24 & 32 %}`.
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