Commit 7e0e9e8f authored by Joost van Pinxten's avatar Joost van Pinxten

Added global configuration option to enable raw output of bibtex entry.

Removed tag option for raw bibtex entry.
Added a note in the documentation on the usage of this option.
parent 6e583475
......@@ -55,6 +55,8 @@ default configuration is as follows:
replace_strings: true
join_strings: true
use_raw_bibtex_entry: false
details_dir: bibliography
details_layout: bibtex.html
......@@ -76,6 +78,10 @@ The `source` option indicates where your bibliographies are stored;
`bibliography` is the name of your default bibliography. For best results,
please ensure that your Bibliography is encoded as ASCII or UTF-8.
The `use_raw_bibtex_entry` option will disable parsing of Liquid tags that
are embedded in the Bibtex fields. This option provides a way to circumvent
the problem that the double braces functionality of BibTex is accidentally
parsed by Liquid, while it was intended to keep the exact capitalization style.
### Bibliographies
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ module Jekyll
'details_dir' => 'bibliography',
'details_layout' => 'bibtex.html',
'details_link' => 'Details',
'use_raw_bibtex_entry' => false,
'bibliography_class' => 'bibliography',
'bibliography_template' => '{{reference}}',
......@@ -80,13 +80,9 @@ module Jekyll
opts.on('-T', '--template TEMPLATE') do |template|
@bibliography_template = template
opts.on('-R', '--raw_bibtex') do |raw_bibtex|
@raw_bibtex = raw_bibtex
argv = arguments.split(/(\B-[cCfqptTslomAR]|\B--(?:cited(_in_order)?|file|query|prefix|text|style|template|locator|offset|max|suppress_author|raw_bibtex|))/)
argv = arguments.split(/(\B-[cCfqptTslomA]|\B--(?:cited(_in_order)?|file|query|prefix|text|style|template|locator|offset|max|suppress_author|))/)
......@@ -182,7 +178,7 @@ module Jekyll
def raw_bibtex?
def repository?
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