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......@@ -39,7 +39,8 @@ default configuration is as follows:
source: ./_bibliography
bibliography: references.bib
bibliography_template: %{reference}
details_dir: bibliography
details_layout: bibtex.html
details_link: Details
......@@ -141,6 +142,26 @@ For more details about filters, see the corresponding section below or
consult the [BibTeX-Ruby](
### Bibliography Template
Your bibliography is always rendered as an ordered list. Additionally,
each reference is wrapped in an HTML tag (`span` by default but you can
change this using the `reference_tagname` setting) with the cite key
as id. The reference string itself is governed by the rules in your
CSL style but you can also customize the main template a little bit.
By default, the template is `%{reference}` – this renders only the
reference tag. The template uses Ruby string interpolation and, in
addition to the reference, exposes the cite-key (as `key`), the
entry's `type` and the `index` in the bibliography. Thus, you could
customize the template in your configuration as follows:
bibliography_template: <abbr>[%{key}]</abbr>%{reference}
This would be processed into something like:
<li><abbr>[ruby]</abbr><span id="ruby">Flanagan, D., &#38; Matsumoto, Y. (2008). <i>The Ruby Programming Language</i>. O&#8217;Reilly Media.</span>
### Citations
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