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......@@ -35,9 +35,11 @@ default configuration is as follows:
source: ./_bibliography
bibliography: references.bib
details_dir ./bibliography
details_layout bibtex.html
details_dir: bibliography
details_layout: bibtex.html
details_link: Details
query: "@*"
You can use any style that ships with
[CiteProc-Ruby]( by name (e.g.,
......@@ -180,6 +182,25 @@ of your BibTeX entry. Here is an example of a details page layout:
When Jekyll-Scholar generates detail pages, it also adds links to each
entry's detail page to the generated bibliography. You can alter the
name of the link via the 'details_link' configuration option.
### Bibliography Filters
By default, Jekyll-Scholar includes all entries in you main BibTeX file
when generating bibliographies. If you want to include only those entries
matching certain criteria, you can do so by adjusting the 'query'
configuration option. For example:
query: "@book" #=> includes only books
query: "@article[year>=2003]" #=> includes only articles published 2003 or later
query: "@*[url]" #=> includes all entries with a url field
query: "@*[status!=review]" #=> includes all entries whose status field is not set to 'review'
Please note that some of these queries require bibtex-ruby 2.0.7 or
later versions.
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