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......@@ -352,6 +352,19 @@ of the items you wish to quote separated by spaces. For example,
<a href="#ruby">(Flanagan &amp; Matsumoto 2008; Shaughnessy 2013)</a>
#### Citations when there's more than one bibliography
Let's return to the example above where you have two bibliographies stored
in `_bibliography/books.bib` and `_bibliography/papers.bib`. We also must
have the main bibliography, e.g., `_bibliography/references.bib`. As we
know from above, it's possible to use bibliographies other than the main
bibliography by calling `{% bibliography --file books %}` or
`{% bibliography --file papers %}`.
Though what if we want to cite an article that's not in the main bibliography?
We use the same approach as above; to cite an article in the `books.bib`
bibliography, we simply call `{% cite ruby --file books %}`
#### Suppressing author names
Sometimes you want to suppress author names in a citation, because the
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