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#### Displaying formatted references
If you want to display the full formatted reference entry, you can use the
`reference` tag. For example, given the following Bibtex entry,
title = {The Ruby Programming Language},
author = {Flanagan, David and Matsumoto, Yukihiro},
year = {2008},
publisher = {O'Reilly Media}
using `{% reference ruby %}` anywhere in your page, it will print
Flanagan, D & Yukihiro, M. (2008). *The Ruby Programming Language.*. O'Reilly Media
(provided that you use the default formatting style)
The `reference` tag accepts a second optional argument that specifies the
absolute path of the Bibtex file to use as input. Using it, you can override
the file from which the bib entries are read. This can be handy if you
want to use a special Bibtex file as input for a specific page. As an example,
the tag
`{% reference ruby,/home/foo/bar.bib %}`
will attempt to read the key `ruby` from file `/home/foo/bar.bib`. It will not
fallback to the default Bibtex file.
### Detail Pages
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