Between Tuesday August 20th, 5:00pm and Thursday August 22nd, 8:00am will be down for an upgrade to version 10.8.7.

ammp.symbol 7.34 KB
000000012001da40 T AMMPmonitor
000000012001dfc0 T AMMPmonitor_mute
0000000120034338 D _DYNAMIC
00000001200346c8 D _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_
0000000120034d60 G _IO_stdin_used
0000000120034500 T _PROCEDURE_LINKAGE_TABLE_
00000001200344e0 d __CTOR_END__
00000001200344d8 d __CTOR_LIST__
00000001200344f0 d __DTOR_END__
00000001200344e8 d __DTOR_LIST__
0000000120034334 r __FRAME_END__
00000001200344f8 d __JCR_END__
00000001200344f8 d __JCR_LIST__
0000000120034da0 A __bss_start
00000001200328c8 D __data_start
0000000120020c40 t __do_global_ctors_aux
0000000120001090 t __do_global_dtors_aux
0000000120034d68 G __dso_handle
00000001200328c8 A __fini_array_end
00000001200328c8 A __fini_array_start
00000001200328c8 A __init_array_end
00000001200328c8 A __init_array_start
0000000120020ba0 T __libc_csu_fini
0000000120020af0 T __libc_csu_init
0000000120001050 W __start
0000000120034da0 A _edata
0000000120035418 A _end
0000000120020ca0 T _fini
0000000120000fe8 T _init
0000000120001050 T _start
000000012000d220 T a_angle
000000012000b3d0 T a_bond
000000012000e1b0 T a_c_angle
0000000120009cd0 T a_d_zero
0000000120009c90 T a_f_zero
0000000120009f70 T a_ftodx
000000012000a000 T a_ftogx
000000012000a090 T a_ftovx
0000000120009d20 T a_g_zero
0000000120010950 T a_hybrid
000000012000a7c0 T a_inactive_f_zero
0000000120009e50 T a_inc_d
0000000120009dc0 T a_inc_f
0000000120009ee0 T a_inc_v
000000012000a370 T a_l2_d
000000012000a220 T a_l2_f
000000012000a290 T a_l2_g
000000012000a300 T a_l2_v
0000000120008bf0 T a_m_serial
000000012000a1a0 T a_max_d
000000012000a120 T a_max_f
000000012000d570 T a_mmangle
000000012000b620 T a_mmbond
0000000120009c30 T a_next
0000000120005350 T a_noel
0000000120004700 T a_nonbon
0000000120009bc0 T a_number
00000001200096b0 T a_pr_beta
000000012000a660 T a_readvelocity
0000000120020750 T a_restrain
000000012001eda0 T a_tether
000000012001a2e0 T a_torsion
0000000120009d70 T a_v_zero
0000000120003c90 T aaerror
0000000120009a60 T activate
000000012001fef0 T alltether
0000000120004370 T analyze
000000012000c0d0 T angle
0000000120034df8 S angle_first
0000000120034e00 S angle_last
0000000120034dd0 s ap.2
0000000120034de0 s ap.4
0000000120008970 T atom
0000000120034dc8 s atomNUMBER
0000000120034dcc s atomUPDATE
000000012000a8b0 T bond
0000000120034de8 S bond_first
0000000120034df0 S bond_last
000000012000bf20 T bond_length
000000012001f240 T bstrot
0000000120034ea0 b buff.0
000000012001ad40 T cngdel
0000000120034da0 s completed.1
00000001200200c0 T cpyvec
00000001200328c8 W data_start
0000000120034d98 g dielecold.0
000000012000efe0 T dump_angles
0000000120008d00 T dump_atoms
000000012000be40 T dump_bonds
000000012000a3e0 T dump_excludes
000000012000a6c0 T dump_force
0000000120011a50 T dump_hybrids
0000000120005c20 T dump_noels
0000000120008f40 T dump_pdb
0000000120020a10 T dump_restrains
000000012001ffe0 T dump_tethers
0000000120017b30 T dump_tgroup
000000012001a170 T dump_torsions
000000012001b7a0 T dump_variable
000000012000a590 T dump_velocity
0000000120034d7c g echo.0
0000000120001760 T eval
000000012000c580 T f_angle
000000012000ac60 T f_bond
0000000120001230 T f_box
000000012000dc50 T f_c_angle
000000012000ea10 T f_ho_angle
000000012000bab0 T f_ho_bond
0000000120011020 T f_ho_hybrid
0000000120005840 T f_ho_noel
000000012001fca0 T f_ho_tether
00000001200102b0 T f_hybrid
000000012000cd10 T f_mmangle
000000012000b0e0 T f_mmbond
0000000120005060 T f_noel
00000001200155d0 T f_nonbon
0000000120020500 T f_restrain
000000012001ebd0 T f_tether
0000000120019850 T f_torsion
000000012000fbd0 T f_trace
0000000120034db8 S first
0000000120035058 B forces
0000000120001130 t frame_dummy
0000000120014b20 T fv_update_nonbon
0000000120034e58 s fx.0
0000000120034e60 s fy.1
0000000120034e68 s fz.2
000000012000ef40 T get_angle
000000012000bda0 T get_bond
000000012000c050 T get_bond_pointer
000000012001b6e0 T get_f_variable
00000001200119b0 T get_hybrid
000000012001b740 T get_i_variable
0000000120005b80 T get_noel
0000000120020970 T get_restrain
000000012001a9f0 T get_torsion
00000001200184a0 T get_torsion_value
000000012001ca50 T getatomdata
000000012000f130 T gsdg
000000012000e5a0 T gsdg_angle
000000012000bfc0 T gsdg_bond
000000012000f810 T gsdg_dgeom
0000000120011790 T gsdg_hybrid
000000012000f6c0 T gsdg_line_search
0000000120005d30 T gsdg_noel
000000012001a850 T gsdg_torsion
0000000120034d84 g highest.0
0000000120007490 T hpac
000000012000fe30 T hybrid
0000000120034e08 S hybrid_first
0000000120034e10 S hybrid_last
0000000120034e70 S in_mom_list
0000000120009920 T inactivate
00000001200097a0 T inactivate_non_zero
0000000120034d80 g inloop.1
0000000120034e74 s ip.1
0000000120034e78 s jp.2
0000000120034e7c s kp.3
0000000120034dc0 S last
0000000120034dd8 s lastmatched.3
000000012001b0d0 T linmin
0000000120003f80 T loadloop
0000000120034e28 s local.3
0000000120034d88 g lowest.1
0000000120034e20 s lsize.2
0000000120001180 T main
0000000120017c10 T match_tgroup
000000012001b450 T match_variable
000000012001b860 T math
000000012001cd40 T math_findlabel
000000012001ccb0 T math_match_atom
0000000120020100 T matmul
0000000120012b90 T mm_fv_update_nonbon
000000012001cef0 T mom
000000012001d3f0 T mom_add
000000012001d900 T mom_jab
00000001200350f8 B mom_list
000000012001d890 T mom_param
000000012001d600 T mom_solve
0000000120004c70 T noel
0000000120034da8 S noel_first
0000000120034db0 S noel_last
0000000120034d78 G nused
0000000120034e18 s oldatomnumber.0
0000000120034d90 g oldcutoff.4
0000000120034d70 g p.0
0000000120006430 T pac
0000000120006dd0 T pacpac
00000001200350a8 B potentials
0000000120007ac0 T ppac
0000000120008180 T ptpac
000000012001e840 T rand3
000000012001e480 T randf
000000012001e760 T randg
0000000120001550 T read_eval_do
00000001200201c0 T restrain
0000000120034e90 S restrain_first
0000000120034e98 S restrain_last
000000012001b4e0 T set_f_variable
000000012001b5e0 T set_i_variable
0000000120018730 T set_torsion
000000012001e2a0 T significance
0000000120034e1c s since.1
000000012001aa90 T steep
0000000120018f50 T tailor_exclude
0000000120018d30 T tailor_include
0000000120019110 T tailor_qab
000000012001e940 T tether
0000000120034e80 S tether_first
0000000120034e88 S tether_last
00000001200171f0 T tg_apply
0000000120017490 T tg_d_apply
0000000120016fd0 T tg_do_search
0000000120034e30 S tg_first
0000000120017a20 T tg_gen_con
0000000120016b90 T tg_init
0000000120017700 T tg_nonbon
0000000120016220 T tgroup
0000000120004220 T tisint
0000000120003cd0 T tisvariable
00000001200189e0 T tmap
0000000120017ec0 T tmin
0000000120019190 T torsion
0000000120034e38 S torsion_first
0000000120034e40 S torsion_last
0000000120006840 T tpac
0000000120016800 T tsearch
0000000120017c80 T tset
0000000120018200 T tset_bond_build
0000000120012100 T u_f_nonbon
0000000120011b60 T u_v_nonbon
0000000120012770 T uselist
000000012000c310 T v_angle
000000012000aac0 T v_bond
0000000120001540 T v_box
000000012000d930 T v_c_angle
000000012000e750 T v_ho_angle
000000012000b8a0 T v_ho_bond
0000000120010ce0 T v_ho_hybrid
00000001200055e0 T v_ho_noel
000000012001faf0 T v_ho_tether
000000012000fff0 T v_hybrid
0000000120005dc0 T v_maxwell
000000012000ca20 T v_mmangle
000000012000aef0 T v_mmbond
0000000120004e60 T v_noel
0000000120015a80 T v_nonbon
0000000120005fd0 T v_rescale
0000000120020360 T v_restrain
000000012001eab0 T v_tether
00000001200193e0 T v_torsion
000000012000f990 T v_trace
000000012001c6f0 T validatom
0000000120034e48 S variableFIRST
0000000120034e50 S variableLAST
00000001200061a0 T verlet
0000000120015ec0 T zone_nonbon