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Updated INSTALL.mkd for MacOS

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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Installation
* This version of systemc-clang compiles as a dynamic library. It requires LLVM and clang to be installed. Please follow the directions below
Steps (Linux OS)
* Follow the instructions to install clang: [Get Started]( Notice that you should also install LLVM as it is needed for compilation of the stand-along program. A suggestion is to install LLVM/clang in a location that is accessible by the user.
Note that the clang-llvm version systemc-clang supports is version 3.4. So, when following the instructions posted at [Get Started], please substitute the phrase "trunk" with "tags/RELEASE_34/final".
......@@ -53,6 +53,18 @@ $ cmake ../systemc-clang
$ make
Steps (MacOS)
We tested this installation on OS X.
* systemc-clang requires llvm-config and by default does not come with the llvm package preinstalled on MacOS.
* Download the clang pre built binaries from (here)[] for LLVM 3.4.
* Untar the package into a suitable location, and modify the bash script in the systemc-clang folder to point to llvm-config, which will be found in the bin directory of the uncompressed binary.
* Follow the steps listed for previously from prepping the environment (source ~/path-to-systemc-clang-repo/ and systemc-clang binary build should be smooth.
Testing on a small example
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