Commit 3eb1d649 authored by djholtby's avatar djholtby
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change box comments to be replaced with semicolon blocks

parent 342dcf04
......@@ -139,6 +139,8 @@
[else ; to any CS135 students reading this: else cond isn't always terrible
(cond [(number-snip:is-number-snip? snip)
(write (number-snip:get-number snip) new-text)]
[(is-a? snip comment-box:snip%)
(fprintf new-text "~a\n" (send snip get-text 0 (send snip get-count)))]
[else (fprintf new-text "#|Failed to insert ~v|#" snip)])
(loop (send snip next) ;; this also happens in the else ;)
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