Commit 1d4eba2e authored by Neslee's avatar Neslee
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Issue #3162656 by Radelson, gilles_webstanz: Reset button still appear when there is no user input

parent c496ee5c
......@@ -819,7 +819,10 @@ class BetterExposedFilters extends InputRequired {
// If our form has no visible filters, hide the submit button.
$has_visible_filters = !empty(Element::getVisibleChildren($form)) ?: FALSE;
$form['actions']['submit']['#access'] = $has_visible_filters;
$form['actions']['reset']['#access'] = $has_visible_filters;
// Never enable a reset button that has already been disabled.
if (!isset($form['actions']['reset']['#access']) || $form['actions']['reset']['#access'] === TRUE) {
$form['actions']['reset']['#access'] = $has_visible_filters;
// Ensure default process/pre_render callbacks are included when a BEF
// widget has added their own.
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