Commit 7f85745e authored by git's avatar git Committed by Rick Hawkins
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Issue #2909549 by ntsekov: Undefined index in exposedFormAlter()

parent d8c3707f
......@@ -1187,7 +1187,9 @@ Title Desc|Z -> A</pre> Leave the replacement text blank to remove an option alt
$form['#info']["filter-$label"]['description'] = '';
// Check if the operator is exposed for this filter.
if ($this->view->getHandlers('filter')[$field_id]['expose']['use_operator']) {
if (isset($this->view->getHandlers('filter')[$field_id])
&& $this->view->getHandlers('filter')[$field_id]['expose']['use_operator']
) {
// Include the exposed operator with the filter.
$operator_id = $this->view->getHandlers('filter')[$field_id]['expose']['operator_id'];
$form[$field_id][$operator_id] = $form[$operator_id];
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