Commit 82bd95f8 authored by NesleeCanilPinto's avatar NesleeCanilPinto Committed by Neslee Canil Pinto
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Issue #3245808 by Neslee Canil Pinto: Add support for tugboat

parent 3d630057
image: q0rban/tugboat-drupal:9.0
default: true
http: false
depends: mysql
update: |
set -eux
# Check out a branch using the unique Tugboat ID for this repository, to
# ensure we don't clobber an existing branch.
git checkout -b $TUGBOAT_REPO_ID
# Composer is hungry. You need a Tugboat project with a pretty sizeable
# chunk of memory.
# This is an environment variable we added in the Dockerfile that
# provides the path to Drupal composer root (not the web root).
# We configure the Drupal project to use the checkout of the module as a
# Composer package repository.
composer config repositories.tugboat vcs $TUGBOAT_ROOT
# Now we can require this module, specifing the branch name we created
# above that uses the $TUGBOAT_REPO_ID environment variable.
composer require drupal/better_exposed_filters:dev-$TUGBOAT_REPO_ID
# Install Drupal on the site.
vendor/bin/drush \
--yes \
--db-url=mysql://tugboat:tugboat@mysql:3306/tugboat \
--site-name="Live preview for ${TUGBOAT_PREVIEW_NAME}" \
--account-pass=admin \
site:install standard
# Set up the files directory permissions.
mkdir -p $DRUPAL_DOCROOT/sites/default/files
chgrp -R www-data $DRUPAL_DOCROOT/sites/default/files
chmod 2775 $DRUPAL_DOCROOT/sites/default/files
chmod -R g+w $DRUPAL_DOCROOT/sites/default/files
# Enable the module.
vendor/bin/drush --yes pm:enable better_exposed_filters
build: |
set -eux
# Delete and re-check out this branch in case this is built from a Base Preview.
git branch -D $TUGBOAT_REPO_ID && git checkout -b $TUGBOAT_REPO_ID || true
composer install --optimize-autoloader
# Update this module, including all dependencies.
composer update drupal/better_exposed_filters --with-all-dependencies
vendor/bin/drush --yes updb
vendor/bin/drush cache:rebuild
image: tugboatqa/mariadb
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