Commit 89739947 authored by chx's avatar chx Committed by Mike Keran
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Issue #2618500 by chx: Single on/off checkbox is always checked

parent 6a75d4fb
......@@ -1438,7 +1438,27 @@ dateFormat: "dd-mm-yy"
$form[$filter_id]['#description'] = $options['more_options']['bef_filter_description'];
$form[$filter_id]['#return_value'] = 1;
$form[$filter_id]['#type'] = 'checkbox';
// Views populates missing values in $form_state['input'] with the
// defaults and a checkbox does not appear in $_GET (or $_POST) so it
// will appear to be missing when a user submits a form. Because of
// this, instead of unchecking the checkbox value will revert to the
// default. More, the default value for select values is reused which
// results in the checkbox always checked. So we need to add a form
// element to see whether the form is submitted or not and then we
// need to look at $_GET directly to see whether the checkbox is
// there. For security reasons, we must not copy the $_GET value.
// First, let's figure out a short name for the signal element and
// then add it.
if (empty($signal)) {
for ($signal = 'a'; isset($form[$signal]); $signal++);
// This is all the signal element needs.
$form[$signal]['#type'] = 'hidden';
$checked = isset($form_state['input'][$signal]) ? isset($_GET[$filter_id]) : $form[$filter_id]['#default_value'];
// Now we know whether the checkbox is checked or not, set #value
// accordingly.
$form[$filter_id]['#value'] = $checked ? $form[$filter_id]['#return_value'] : 0;
// Handoff to the theme layer.
$form[$filter_id]['#theme'] = 'checkbox';
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