Commit ce4e5232 authored by johnnyvdlaar's avatar johnnyvdlaar Committed by Rick Hawkins
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Issue #2827731 by Johnny vd Laar, NickWilde: Different "line breaks" breaks combine_rewrite

parent 963cd58f
......@@ -1333,7 +1333,7 @@ Title Desc|Z -> A</pre> Leave the replacement text blank to remove an option alt
if (!$reorder) {
$order = array_keys($options);
$lines = explode("\n", trim($rewriteSettings));
$lines = preg_split("/(\r\n|\n|\r)/", trim($rewriteSettings));
foreach ($lines as $line) {
list($search, $replace) = explode('|', $line);
if (!empty($search)) {
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