Commit b1fbb7c7 authored by dragonwize's avatar dragonwize
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Fixed #1253324 by cschaub: Pass rids as integers to db.

parent 8482e660
......@@ -465,9 +465,9 @@ function better_formats_get_default_format($mode, $node_type = '') {
// Get user's lowest weight role default.
$sql = "SELECT format
FROM {better_formats_defaults}
WHERE rid IN (%s) AND type IN ('$types')
WHERE rid IN ($roles) AND type IN ('$types')
ORDER BY type_weight DESC, weight ASC";
$row = db_fetch_object(db_query_range($sql, $roles, 0, 1));
$row = db_fetch_object(db_query_range($sql, 0, 1));
$format[$type] = filter_resolve_format($row->format);
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