Commit 58a768aa authored by joachim's avatar joachim Committed by Fabiano Sant'Ana
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Issue #3100258 by joachim, jernejbeg, wundo: undocumented return keys in hook_captcha()

parent 4b0360f7
......@@ -28,6 +28,13 @@
* - $captcha['solution']: this is the solution of your challenge
* - $captcha['form']: an array of the form elements you want to add to the
* form.
* - $captcha['cacheable']: (optional) boolean indicating whether the captcha
* type is compatible with the form being cached. Defaults to FALSE. Note
* that if this TRUE, the 'captcha_validate' key must be set to a callback
* that ignores the solution.
* - $captcha['captcha_validate']: (optional) The name of a function to call
* to compare the solution with the given response. Defaults to
* captcha_validate_strict_equality().
* There should be a key 'captcha_response' in this array, which points to
* the form element where the user enters the answer.
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