Commit 0220973d authored by Jelle Sebreghts's avatar Jelle Sebreghts
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Clientside Validation Field Validation does not support the 2.x branch of Field Validation

parent a9a664af
* Implements hook_requirements().
function clientside_validation_field_validation_requirements() {
$t = get_t();
$info = system_get_info('module', 'field_validation');
$requirements['field_validation'] = array(
'title' => $t('Field validation'),
'value' => $info['version'],
$version = explode('-', $info['version']);
$version = explode('.', $version[1]);
//check for version (format = 7.x-1.0)
if (((int)$version[0] >= 2)) {
$requirements['field_validation']['description'] = $t('The Field Validation
module\'s version needs to be in the 1.x range.');
$requirements['field_validation']['severity'] = REQUIREMENT_ERROR;
return $requirements;
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