Commit abe90bf0 authored by mrfelton's avatar mrfelton Committed by Peter Droogmans
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Issue #2014437 by mrfelton: Fixed Undefined index: #form_id() in...

Issue #2014437 by mrfelton: Fixed Undefined index: #form_id() in _clientside_validation_add_general_settings() line 412 clientside_validation().module.
parent 775b4813
......@@ -409,7 +409,7 @@ function _clientside_validation_add_general_settings(&$settings, $form) {
// Add a setting for this form if the hidden elements should still be validated
$include_hidden_setting = $definedsettings['include_hidden']['include_hidden'];
$include_hidden = preg_split('/(\r\n?|\n)/', $include_hidden_setting, -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);
if (in_array($form['#form_id'], $include_hidden) || in_array($form_id, $include_hidden)) {
if (isset($form['#form_id']) && in_array($form['#form_id'], $include_hidden) || in_array($form_id, $include_hidden)) {
$settings['clientsideValidation']['forms'][$form_id]['includeHidden'] = TRUE;
elseif ($definedsettings['include_hidden']['include_hidden_fields']) {
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