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    Issue #2207173: RRULEs with non-UTC UNTIL values are now supported. · 428cfc85
    Robert Rollins authored
    According to the iCal spec, the UNTIL value of an RRULE must be specified in
    UTC. But certain iCal feed creation tools don't respect this rule, and
    instead specify the UNTIL value in local time. Since all the other code that
    Date iCal utilizes to parse RRULEs expects the UNTIL value to be in UTC,
    this go badly when it's not.
    In order to get around this issue, I've added an option to the iCal Parser
    settings, which allows users to tell Date iCal that they expect the UNTIL
    values in their feeds' RRULEs to not be in UTC. With that option enabled,
    Date iCal will treat the UNTIL date as being in the same timezone as the
    event's DTSTART.
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