Commit 034c5f5a authored by wizonesolutions's avatar wizonesolutions Committed by Robert Rollins

Issue #2758689 by wizonesolutions: Multi-line EXDATE components are no longer processed correctly

parent 2f5986c8
......@@ -504,7 +504,36 @@ class ParserVcalendar {
$rrule = trim(preg_replace('/\s/', '', $vcalendar_component->createRrule()));
$rdate = trim(preg_replace('/\s/', '', $vcalendar_component->createRdate()));
$exrule = trim(preg_replace('/\s/', '', $vcalendar_component->createExrule()));
$exdate = trim(preg_replace('/\s/', '', $vcalendar_component->createExdate()));
// Modules such as Date Repeat, as well as our parsing functions, generally
// expect a single EXDATE entry for optimal operation. If we have multiple
// entries in the data, we should concatenate them here.
$parsed_exdate = trim(preg_replace('/\s/', '', $vcalendar_component->createExdate()));
// First, get the individual contents of any definitions. It's OK even if
// there is only one.
$exdate_parts = explode('EXDATE;', $parsed_exdate);
array_shift($exdate_parts); // First element always blank.
// Extended parameters such as VALUE and TZID are set in the first EXDATE
// The other ones must not repeat them. We skip the first entry when
// enforcing this, obviously.
$skip = TRUE;
foreach ($exdate_parts as &$exdate_part) {
if ($skip) {
$skip = FALSE;
// This strips off the part before the colon, since we only want the value
// from the first EXDATE entry. end() wants a real array, hence why two
// lines.
$exdate_part_parts = explode(':', $exdate_part);
$exdate_part = end($exdate_part_parts);
// Combine the parts back together with an EXDATE; specifier in front.
$exdate = 'EXDATE;' . implode(',', $exdate_parts);
return "$rrule|$rdate|$exrule|$exdate";
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